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    Served in a tall kolsch glass, the pure, clean blond Butterfly refreshes drinkers any time of the year. It is as enchanting as the crystalline laughter of the Japanese girl Cio-Cio San, the heroine named “Butterfly” of the opera by Giacomo Puccini.

    The balanced carbonation and low alcohol of Butterfly reflect the purity of the 15-year-old’s sentiments, who waits out the long absence of her inconstant husband, American Lieutenant Pinkerton, as persistently as the beer’s foam.

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  • The bitter taste of Pinkerton’s deception and the sweet, naïve geisha’s love for him join in a perfect marriage of flavors, quite unlike the marriage story recounted by the Tuscan musician.

    The slightly fruity flavor, hanging between sweet and bitter, immerses you in the atmosphere of Japanese cherry blossoms in the Far East, the poignant setting of the story.

    Puccini masterfully reinterprets Japanese traditions while exalting Italian opera, and Birrificio San Michele reinterprets this typical German brewing style in a new light.

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