Dry and bitter, Tosca is as tough as the story told in Giacomo Puccini's opera Tosca. This beer follows the classical tradition of a Czech pilsner, where the unmistakable hoppy aroma is the master of its flavor profile.

Indifference is impossible in the face of the proud, passionate Roman temperament, just as it's impossible to remain unemotional when confronted with one of San Michele's strongest-flavored beers. 

Tosca33 75

Tosca is stinguished by the malt quality and its characteristic fermentation technique. In Puccini's tragedy, the protagonists express primitive feelings of jealous love, escape for life, and the inevitability of death; Tosca's own flavors are strong and primitive, its hops herbaceous and alive.

The foam is compact and dense like the passion that unites the painter Cavaradossi to the singer Tosca, who sacrifices herself when she learns of his own duplicitous murder.

This clear pilsner is as brilliant gold as the saturated colors that run their bright, common thread through the works of Puccini.


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