Lucia is San Michele's British beer. The traditional brewing style of this classic English beer from across the Channel is interpreted in a thoroughly Italian way - in much the same way that Gaetano Donzetti brought the Highlands to Italy in his opera Lucia di Lammermoor about the unfortunate young Scotswoman, Lucia. 

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Lucia is ginger-red like the hair of Scottish women, and is full of bitter flavor from the hops, which have strictly Anglo-Saxon origins.

The beer is bitter like the poignant story of Lucia, who dies bereft of her true love, deceived by her own family's deep cynicism.

Its strong flavor is softened by floral nuances like the delicate character of Lucia di Lammermoor, and lingering spices that match the tenacious temperament of her lost love Edgardo.

Lucia should be drunk in a pint glass, so as to let its amber red tones shine among the cozy haze and smoke fumes of Scottish pubs.


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